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Don Gress Const., Inc. is well equipped to properly and safely install a wide variety of underground utilities. DGCI is not just limited to one phase of utility construction. We specialize in main installation, repair, service hook-ups, manhole connections, and lift stations. Whether it is a residential service or an extensive underground utility network, DGCI is up to the task. Here is a list of utility services DGCI provides:

  • Storm Sewer
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Lift Stations
  • Water Main Installation
  • Septic System Installation

Excavating and Grading

Don Gress Const., Inc. has years of earth moving experience. Our equipment fleet allows us the flexibility to handle large scale mass excavations or small grading jobs. DGCI utilizes GPS automatic machine control technology to ensure precision grading as well as layout capabilities. Our grading and excavating services include:


  • Commercial Developments
  • Subdivision Construction
  • Landfill Construction
  • Levee and Pond Construction
  • New Road Construction
  • Athletic Fields and Complexes

Demolition and Clearing

The staff at Don Gress Const., Inc. understands the most important part of a demolition project is safety. This includes safety to the men working on the project itself, safety to the general public, and safety of the surrounding buildings. These projects require carefull inspection and planning to identify potential hazards before the become an issue during the demolition process. DGCI has experience in many different types of demolition whether it be residential, commercial, or agricultural structures. In addition to demolition, DGCI also offers clearing services for wooded or overgrown areas.

Erosion Control and Seeding

One of the most noticable parts of any construction project is often the finish seeding. Not only can it make a project look very pleasing to the eye but it also serves a very important role in erosion control and soil conservation. At Don Gress Construction we offer finish seeding services to our clients to see the project thru to completion without the need to hire another contractor. We also implement a number of erosion control methods to help establish vegetation on areas prone to erosion such as slopes and waterways. Pictured on the right is Scepter Landfill in Bicknell, IN where we seeded and installed over 12,000 square yards of erosion control fabric. 

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