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Recent Projects

Kellerville Lift Station Replacement

Owner: City of Jasper

Prime Contractor

Date: Feb. 2022 - Oct. 2022

Don Gress Const., Inc. was the prime contractor on this project which replaced an existing lift station for the City of Jasper. The key feature of the project was the installation of a new 120" diameter, 36' deep wet well. It also included an 84" valve pit, 48" Meter pit, 48" x 22' deep doghouse manhole, rehab of existing manhole, 12" gravity sewer, 8" forcemain, duplex pump and valve package.


In addition to these items, subcontractors constructed an aluminum generator platform and installed the electrical panels and generator. 


It was a requirement of the project for the existing lift station to remain in service at all times during construction. Once the new lift station was online, sewer flow was diverted to the new station. DGCI then demolished the existing lift station and restored the site. 

HWY 50 Rehabilitation

Owner: City of Washington

Location: Washington, IN

Prime Contractor

Date: July 2020 - July 2021

Contract Amount: 4.5Million

Don Gress Construction was the successfull low bidder on the road reconstruction project for HWY 50 in Washington, IN. DGCI self performed the installation of all new storm sewer, sanitary sewer, pavment removal, sidewalk removal, curb removal and associated grading.  Subcontractors also installed new water mains and services, sidewalks, drives, curb and gutter, milling and paving, new street lighting, and traffic signal. One of the major challanges of the project was maintaining traffic flow at all times during construction. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Crossdock/I69 Sewer Extension & lift station

Owner: Daviess County Economic Development

Date: 2015 - November 2017

Don Gress Const., Inc. recently completed a sanitary sewer extension project to service recent commercial development on the East side of Washington, IN. The project consisted of 18", 15", and 10" gravity sewer, 6" force main, new 8' diameter lift station, and renovation to existing liftstation. The team at DGCI was able to overcome groundwater and poor soil conditions and succesfully and safely install the sewer in many places greater than 15' deep and the lift station at 30' deep.

Shoals High School Parking Lot Improvements

Owner: Shoals Community School Corporation

Date: 2017


Don Gress Construction was the succesful low bidder on a Midwest Engineers project at the Shoals High school and Middle school. The project consisted of removal off existing pavements, new underdrain networks, grading, new stone base, and new pavements and sidewalks.

Gateway Drive Commercial Development

Owner GFI Investments

Date: 2015 - 2017

This project transformed raw agricultural land into commercial lots ready for development. The work included general grading, road building, sidewalks, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water. 


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